"You are not finished when you lose. You are finished when you quit."
Sensei Masaru Shintani


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The 2017‐2018 Shintani Team Tryouts were held May 26‐28, 2017 in Simcoe, Ontario. It was a fantastic weekend full of challenge, development and camaraderie as athletes demonstrated basic karate, advanced drills, and new techniques. The coaching and support staff are pleased to announce the 2017‐2018 Shintani Team positions:

  • Meicah Gervais
  • Kaori Nakamura
  • Leila Lawrance
  • Dylan Merritt
  • Xavier Blanchett
  • Sophie Joanis
  • Skylar Chapman
  • Conrad Graup
  • Marlee Cormier
  • Elise Leong‐Sit
  • Quinton Brown
  • Kyle Chambers
  • Nicolas Gosselin
  • Geoff McDonald
  • Robin Fidyk
  • Brodie Hicks
  • Natalie Olson

We wish all athletes the best of luck and look forward to a year of exciting karate!
SWKKF Shintani Team Staff:
Sensei Ron Mattie – Senate Advisor, Team Staff Advisor
Sensei Michel Gosselin – Head Coach and Kumite Coach
Sensei Heather Fidyk – Manager and Kata Coach
Sensei Kelsey Mramor – Assistant Manager and Assistant Coach

SWKKF Mission Statement

We are a family oriented traditional karate organization focusing on Sensei Masaru Shintani's teachings and values of kindness and humility.
Our goal is to move into the future with ties to the past developing confident individuals who will be positive role models within the community.

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