"You are not finished when you lose. You are finished when you quit."
Hanshi Masaru Shintani


Below is a list of Shindo Kata guidelines.  To learn more about Shindo click here to contact us!

Karate Rank Shindo Kata Shindo Rank
White to Yellow belt Chonan No Shindo N/A
White to Green belt Shindo Nidan White Stripe
Green to Blue belt Cio Bo Tie Green Stripe
Blue to Black  belt Seishin No Shindo Brown Stripe
1st Dan Kushanku No Shindo Gold Stripe
2nd Dan Taisei No Shindo
3rd Dan Chinto No Shindo
4th Dan Wanshu No Shindo
5th Dan Gensho Shodan No Shindo



The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation will be the premiere traditional karate and Shindo organization in North America, through the work of our highly skilled and dedicated instructors in developing unparalleled character, skill and pride in our students.


The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation is an inclusive organization modeling Hanshi Shintani's kindness and humility, through the teaching of his traditional karate and Shindo.

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