Sensei Bruce Perkins
Kudan – (9th)

“Karate becomes who you are and how you live your life – you cannot be a good black belt on the floor and change the minute you leave the dojo.  A good black belt stands for so many things that are not related to the dojo” – Sensei Bruce Perkins

Sensei Bruce began his karate career in Wawa, Ontario in 1974 under the instruction of Sensei Danny McCoy, Sensei Rick Leveille, and Sensei Luigi Troverello.  In 1979 Sensei Bruce moved to Southern Ontario where he continued his training under Sensei Shintani.  In July 1979 he was graded to Shodan.

Sensei Bruce founded the SWKKF Scholarship fund in May of 1990.  Sensei Bruce was a member of the original National Team which was picked by Hanshi Shintani in 1996.  He has been involved with the Shindo Development Committee and has also participated in the production of the SWKKF Kata and Shindo Instructional videos.

Sensei Bruce received the rank of Shichidan, dated September 15th, 2007 and Hachidan, dated in 2014 from Otsuka Sensei Sr. of the All Japan Karate-do Federation, prior of his death, at the request of Hanshi Sensei.  Subsequently was awarded Hachidan (8th) rank August 2013, and Kudan (9th) rank December 2020 from the SWKKF Senate.

Sensei Bruce currently resides in Simcoe, Ontario with his wife Irene.  His son's Dustin and Derek live in Western Canada.

For a more detailed biography of Sensei Bruce Perkins,  as well as some personal stories of his training with Hanshi Shintani please read the article in the July 2007 Harmonizer.


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    La fédération de karaté Shintani Wado Kai sera l’organisation d’excellence pour le karaté traditionnel et le Shindo en Amérique du Nord grâce au travail de nos instructeurs hautement qualifiés et dévoués dans le développement des habiletés, du caractère et de la fierté de nos élèves.


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