"You are not finished when you lose. You are finished when you quit."
Hanshi Masaru Shintani


As Chief Instructor of the SWKKF, I need to make it clear what “minimum requirements” mean. It has been stated many times and yet we still have a problem. Minimum requirements mean… “They must not be average but outstanding at their present rank.” I have only seen a hand full eligible for the minimum requirement. Instructors are sending their students way too early and are forcing the Joseki board to fail them. No one wants to fail anyone, however, when a student is presented in front of a Joseki board with minimum requirements and fails, it’s a reflection on the instructor and not the student. There is no reason to rush. It doesn’t change who you are. Best being a great Shodan than a weak Nidan.

As for ranks above Godan, these ranks are considered honorary ranks and black belts need not apply; they are recommended by the senate only.

As a personal note, people put too much emphasis on rank. It’s not the belt you wear but who you are on and off the dojo floor that makes you that rank. I need your cooperation on reinforcing these guidelines and I appreciate your help.

Thank you

Sensei Ron Mattie - Chief Instructor SWKKF


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